About us

The beginnings

Makrofa Ltd. was established in 2004 after decades of work experience and practice. The main activity of our company is the production of joinery, carpentry, roofing and insulating work. Our products include doors and windows, exterior and interior doors, kitchen, office and seating furniture, stairs and other wood products. With our headquarters in Dabas, the primary area of ​​our work is the county of Pest and the settlements of the Central Hungarian region.


In our work we strive to meet our customers expectations to the best of our knowledge.
We use the best quality wood and accessories at every stage of production to ensure high quality of our products and to maintain their durability. We prefer natural wood in our work, but we also work with decoupled materials, which can be used to produce wood products in line with modern style trends.


Our products include:

Structured windows and doors

Contact grinded surface, glued frames, pre-etched and drilled places for fittings. All our windows are CE marked.

  • contact brushed wood surface
  • glued and folded frames
  • bore straps
  • glazing slats
  • drilled and etched places for fittings

Materials of windows and doors

Our structural doors and windows are basically clear Class 1 multi-layered laminated end to end timber from pine frieze, but we can make them from any species available on the market (oak, beech, exotic, etc.).
Advantages of multi-layered, laminated timber:

  • good sound and heat insulation capacity
  • warping is not significant
  • aesthetic appearance
  • natural breathability

Wooden windows

  • MAKROFA 68
  • MAKROFA 78
  • MAKROFA 92
  • MAKROFA easy line
  • MAKROFA easy flat
  • MAKROFA zero
  • MAKROFA box-type

Entrance and interior wooden doors

Our multi-surface treated, end to end timber doors and windows are equipped with high quality SIEGENIA fittings and insulated glazing, ensuring both comfort and thermal insulation.
Our entrance doors are made from Class 1 multi-layered laminated end to end timber.


  • aesthetic appearance
  • ecellent heat and sound insulation
  • no warping
  • has no harm on the environment
  • natural breathability

Wooden interior doors

In terms of framing technology, we manufacture our interior doors in a comprehensive frame and block design.
With regard to interior wooden doors, our company produces a variety of variants:

  • standard and custom-sized interior doors
  • sliding doors
  • double doors


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Makrofa Ipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd.


Dabas, 2371, Köztársaság utca 61., Hungary


Dabas, 2371, Ipari Park, Csonka János utca 1., Hungary


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